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Build A Platform That Will Get You Noticed

Hundreds of companies want to build your website for you. Most of them are there for themselves, not you. We aren’t here to sell you a website, a new Facebook page or to tell you how important your social media marketing is to you. We help you with our expertise in design, usability, and years of experience in what works in online marketing and what doesn’t.

We can help you control your message, your brand, and your customer’s first impression. How you are perceived and the opinions of your customers are most often formed before they ever pick up the phone to call you or visit your place of business. They are searching the internet and finding out all about your business.

You can control this message they are getting. Small businesses often overlook or don’t realize the impact a strong online presence can bring to them. We want to give you the resources to know what you are missing or how your current presence can be improved.

We are here to find out what your needs are and you know your business, not us. We want to discuss options with you, possibilities, and give you enough information to make a decision for yourself. Each project we undertake is custom-built working closely in conjunction with you the customer.

Putting together a high-quality online presence utilizing social media tools and presenting a complete themed package that communicates your message is what we deliver.

Common Questions/Concerns
We can’t afford to make this investment right now. You can’t afford to make this investment. A consultation on your needs is free. Call or e-mail our sales representative and get the information you need to make a decision!
The economy is bad – we’ll wait until it gets better. This is an option – but entrepreneurs are always expanding and the world is moving forward. The new market for sales and for marketing is online. Do you want to reach your customers? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – this is where they are.
What are the ongoing costs? Our pricing structure does not include continuing monthly costs. We build websites on a Content Management System which allows us to easily educate our clients about updating and maintaining it so there is no need to pay us an ongoing fee to keep it up to date. All of our fees are upfront with 50% due on contract signing and 50% upon project completion. The only ongoing costs to you would be basic hosting and a domain name which starts at around $10 per month.
Why Our Service is Unique

Product Features

Market Researched Domain
Employee Admin User & E-mail Setup
Easy Content Management
Unlimited Customer Service
14 Day Turnaround
Automatic Mobile Device Friendly Style
Search Engine Friendly
Supports all Major Browsers
Built-in Contact Page
Business Map & Directions