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Charles de Gaulle Airport, formerly known as Airport de Paris Nord started its service on March 8, 1974. Initially, the airport has only one terminal but none the less it has seven satellite buildings and each building has four gates each so numbered them twenty-eight gates at the airport.

Charles de Gaulle airport is located a little outside of Paris and you can get there different types of transport. The most common way to travel to the airport is by bus. This also provides various airport transfer services that are reliable and comfortable. You can hire airport transfer service from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris.

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Terminal 1

Paul Andreu is a leading designer of the first terminal of Charles de Gaulle Airport. The whole building was built in the image of an Octopus. Building a satellite that does not have a gate is a connection point for the motor vehicle and transport to and from the airport. To get to each satellite building you have to walk through the underpass.

Terminal 2

Terminal two is not a terminal but seven. All of these terminal seven joined together. One of the so-called 2G terminal located 2,5km from the rest of the terminal and to get there you have to take the bus.

Terminal 3

The last terminal of Charles de Gaulle Airport is also the smallest. The terminal is located about 1 km from the terminal so that it is within walking distance. Trains only a few hundred meters. The terminal itself is only a single hall and is by far the smallest of the three terminals.

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