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About Me

I am an entrepreneur, small business marketing specialist and civic leader. I am the CEO of Madhatterr Games LLC and owner of Horton Marketing Solutions and The Exchange.

This is my personal blog; it is focused on achieving your dreams/goals and reaching higher to achieve more – to dream bigger. My intention is to help you to live your dreams, not just dream them.

I write on goals, productivity, leadership and how to have the life of your dreams – not just dream of a better life. Occasionally I write on things that don’t fit into one of these categories such as new apps or tools for working better as well as my own passion and love of an artistic life style.

My goal is to help people flourish in their lives by taking action and being more productive.

If you dream of a better life and are willing to make it happen, but maybe lack the tools or the push to do it then this blog is for you.

I post 3 to 4 times a week and you can subscribe to my blog via RSS or e-mail. I do accept limited advertising if it is relevant to my readers.

My Biography

I was raised in an entrepreneurial family in the small town of Lamar, MO in a county of only 14,000. My great-grandfather started a dime store on the town square in 1945. In 1968 I was born into the family and by 1972 I was toddling around the dime store helping out or at least getting under foot and thinking I was assisting.

I grew up in business. We discussed it at meals, at holidays and at family gatherings. I worked before school and after school. I learned by doing what worked and what didn’t work.

Eventually I went out on my own and was an Owner/Manager in Sonic Drive In’s for a few years, learning about the restaurant business where I also won many awards for my management, my marketing, my employees and for my ability to turn a failing store around and make it highly profitable.

I returned to work for my family after this where I opened and managed a new venture for them back in the town of Lamar, MO. I ran this for several years until going out on my own as the owner and founder of Madhatterr Games LLC.

I have successfully launched and took to profitability five separate businesses to date, all of which I launched on a shoe string budget. I still operate four out of the five businesses. I have also failed. I opened my first store and it made it one year before it failed. Another business I took to wild success, then it slowly dwindled and became a liability that sold at a final loss. In life there will always be setbacks and obstacles but how you handle these is what determines your ultimate success or failure.

I am a family man; I have 5 daughters of my own and 1 step son. I think of myself as a loving and devoted partner. In my spare time I’m an avid comic book collector, reader and I still occasionally find time to enjoy playing games; especially board games and computer games.

I have made a life and a living out of following my own dreams and along the way have learned many things about how to do this successfully. I intend in this blog to share what has worked for me which you can then use or not as it is true and workable for you.