What Outcomes Can You expect Of Leadership Coaching?

1. Sustainable Superior Performance

You should expect to agree to the high measurable standards by which you and your organization can assess the results of the training.

2. Self-Observation

Because of the coaching process, you must be more able to observe when you are performing well or not. You must learn to make the adjustments needed for your behavior without depending on the coach. You can check this out  www.epiphanyprofessional.com/executivedevelopment if you are looking for leadership coaching. 

3. Independent Learning

The coaching process must help you learn how to learn. So the repair process continues when the coaching project is complete.

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It's up to you to decide what you want to achieve. The trainer should not set an agenda but help you to look under the problem of the presentation and to be very clear what results in you want.

The coach is not an expert. They do not determine the solution and the best results come when the coach and client recognize their interdependent relationship and use this as a source of strength and learning.

Every coaching relationship is individual. Approaches and designs develop when clients and trainers better understand what is needed to produce the desired results.

At the acceptance stage, please make a clear Training Contract for approval and signing. It is also good to do Exchange of Hope so that clients and coaches are really clear about what they can expect and not expect from each other.