Types Of Electricians And Their Specific Roles

Electricians are certified and trained craftsmen accountable for the fitting, maintenance and repair of electrical devices and systems.

But very few of you must be aware that are numerous certified electricians are available with varying degrees of know-how and specialization.

Here are the different types of electricians:

A) Master electricians: Master electricians are extremely skilled electricians who usually work in a managerial role or own astringent businesses.

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• Numerous states necessitate seven years of experience as an electrician or a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering for accreditation as a master electrician.
• This bachelor degree comprises of repair and maintenance of electrical systems, a master electrician must possess managerial skills.
• In fact, as per the reviews of the master electrician Hamilton, they usually manage a staff of laborers, apprentices and journeyman electricians on residential and commercial jobs.

B) Commercial electricians: Commercial electricians work is associated with the construction sites, commercial buildings and with mechanical electrical systems.

• Almost all the commercial electrician Hamilton based professionals are aware of some of the other installation work that might comprise of commercial security systems, water heaters, and electronic key systems.
• They are even aware of tackling problems related to system upgrades and troubleshoot systems to segregate problems prevailed due to faulty wiring.
• Before getting licensed, a potential commercial electrician needs to work under a master electrician to gain relevant experience.
• Standards are strict because commercial electric work can affect public protection also.

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C) Residential electricians: Residential electrician’s job is to install, maintain and elevate electrical equipment in homes and apartments. They might even install outdoor landscape lighting.

• Training syndicates formal classroom training with an internship that normally includes at least 4 years of work under the supervision of experienced electricians.
• A residential electrician needs to clear rigorous state testing at the end of the internship program.
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D) Journeymen electricians: Journeyman electricians job is to work on lighting installation, mechanical connections, security systems, power supplies and communications in both residences and commercial buildings.

• A journeyman electrician may also work on above lines.
• Most of these electricians work on construction sites, certainly work for utility companies or manufacturing plants.