Top 5 Applications Of Synthetic Paper

With the growth of modern technology, we all look for the best quality products for our day to day usage. When it comes to the paper manufacturing industry, we have a range of paper varieties are available in the market like Synthetic, Kan’t copy, Lift off and many more.

But when we talk about the environment-friendly functionalities of the paper synthetic is the best fit among all. The synthetic paper is widely popular for its high performance to businesses and DIY projects.

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There are several companies like offering range of paper products that can be customized to meet your business needs. But, before approaching such companies you must get knowledge about different synthetic paper applications.

Here are top 5 Applications Of Synthetic Paper

Military and Government Applications

Synthetic paper is available in small to large quantities, on rolls or flat sheets.  It is a prime material to be used in government projects like proposals. Manuals, guides, ID cards and outdoor signage.

Synthetic Paper Tags and Labels in Manufacturing

A roll in the production of labeling and tagging products is forecasted for the manufacturing industry, whereas printers can create company-specific items just by changing the colors and wording on labels/tags. You can find a large variety of synthetic paper products which are useful in business promotion, membership, passes and many more.

synthetic paper

Synthetic Paper in the Hospitality Industry

This field is wide open so there is a need for menus, tent cards, hotel notices, key cards, and activity lists to name a few. Synthetic is the perfect product for the application of event schedules, programs, and maps pinpointing local area attractions.

Synthetic Paper in Education (Certificates and Diplomas)

Combining the functionality of paper and durability of plastic, synthetic paper enables educational institutes to effectively manage the printing process of their certificates, records and other secure documents.

synthetic paper


It is extremely used in the production of Pouches, Wallets, Bags, Travel, Shoes due to its water resistance and durability feature.

Furthermore, if you consider the environmental friendliness of this paper, it can be recycled fully for multiple times. Therefore, it is value for money product for businesses. Click here to know how synthetic paper is friendly to the environment.