Reason Behind Gain In Popularity Of Ford’s Cummin Engines

If you are a diesel engine enthusiasts then you would be aware of Dodge cummins diesel engines. The dodge diesel engines have been in the list of favorite engines for many truck drivers.

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There are various modifications which can be done to these diesel engines. These engines come with stocked power and fuel economy which can be tweaked to get mileage in upper twenties and are sometimes even to lower thirties in mpg.

These are remarkable economy trucks which could be turned into ground pounding monsters. If you are searching for some performance upgrades for your truck, then you can visit

How to get more from your diesel engine?

These are some of the modifications that can help you in making your vehicle more powerful and economical. The first and most popular modification for any diesel engine is a performance chip. There are chips, modules and programmers which can help you enhance your engine’s performance.

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All of them have the same basic working principle although their fueling is slightly different with variety of safety features. Most of these chips result in adding about 120 horsepower on their top setting.

There are some advance chips which can end up adding 230 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque when added to dodge cumimns diesel engines.

The fuel injectors are the second most popular modification used in dodge cummins performance diesel engines. These injectors come in stages that range between 50 HP to 150 HP and these injectors can be custom made for more extreme result.

50 Hp injectors could be of help for someone who is looking for more power and better economy. 150 HP injectors can be added for getting extreme results. For any diesel engine which is being modified, an exhaust pipe with higher flow can be added to relieve the engine stress and keeping exhaust gas temperature low.

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If you are looking to gain more power and efficiency from your diesel engine, you can consider these modification upgrades. You can also click here to know more about upgrading you diesel engines.