Why Real Estate Agents Should Use ClickFunnels?

The great thing about Click Funnels is that you don’t have to know something how it has to do. You can copy the pricing layouts, cool background images into the page of choice and just replace text and pictures to suit your branding.

Real Estate Sales Funnel
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These features of ClickFunnels makes it unique and popular. You even place a fantastic video or snapshot of an image that helps to replicate them on your online business at a later stage. With so many marketing tools out there, Click Funnel is the most popular among Real Estate Agents as well. It is a powerful tool and marketplace for the business of all kinds.

In this article, we will discuss how real estate agents and brokers can do with ClickFunnels.

  • Easily Build Landing Pages

ClickFunnels as a drag and drop option that makes it a leader in landing page builder. Its interfaces are user-friendly and ensure that you will learn quickly.  You don’t have to write code for it.

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  • Capture and end Leads to Your CRM

You can check out CF’s in-house email marketing and CRM software and manage your lea there. You get the software, where A/B testing is possible to see what clickfunnels landing pages, convert leads best.

  • Create Text Autoresponder

Converting online real estate leads is beneficial for real estate agents. The leads are almost 10 times more likely to convert to actual contacts. It helps to create text autoresponder so that it would help to save their time.

  • Send Email Drip Campaign

Reach back and continue to nurture leads is a complicated and time-consuming process.  At this time, food marketing automation like drip campaign came into existence. Through Drip Campaign you can use them to educate leads on your services and nurture then from the sale.

Up sell Leads
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  • Easily Upsell Leads

While creating landing pages, you can create Call-to-action after leads opt-in

If you are looking forward to increasing the lead generation, there is no other option than ClickFunnels. It will help you save time and get better campaign setup. Check out here to learn how to automate your sales and marketing process in great detail.