All you need to know about Outsourcing

Have you ever consider the idea of outsourcing? From product development to sales, outsourcing has expanded its roots and provide a variety of benefits.

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But what outsourcing really is? Why it is so popular in recent years? Why outsourcing in Dubai became so popular that every marketing team seek consultation with them?

We are going to learn all these scenarios along with pros and cons in this article.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is nothing but an agreement in which one company hires another one in order to handle the responsibilities for a planned or existing activity i.e. done internally. It includes important functions such as facility management, call centre support, payroll processing etc.

Types of Outsourcing
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Types of Outsourcing

  1. Internal Outsourcing
  2. Onshore Outsourcing
  3. Offshore Outsourcing

Internal Outsourcing

It includes increasing your staff by hiring local labour. Usually, company hire someone for junior position so as to share the workload of the current employees. As the demand for payroll services increased the Payroll management company are now increasing exponentially.

Onshore Outsourcing

It includes obtaining the services from someone outside a company but within the same country.

Offshore Outsourcing

It is the practice of hiring an external business organisation to perform some functions. Business process outsourcing is the new territory for management of property and real estate industry.

Benefits of outsourcing
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Pros of Outsourcing

  • You don’t need to hire more employees for your business as you hire a company that would work for you.
  • You have access to a larger talent pool because it gives you talented people to take over the responsibilities you give to them
  • We can find the right talent at the right price.

Cons of Outsourcing

  • Since the person is not working on-site hence it is very difficult to control them as a company desires.
  • Communication issue is one of the prominent drawbacks. People who are working there may not always understand what you want to tell them
  • There could be problems with the quality work that they are giving to you.

There are many things to consider before deciding to employ outsourcing strategy. With the ability to affect company culture, this isn’t something to take lightly. Check out this website to know what things you might consider while reciting an outsourcing company for you.