Some Maintenance Tips For Granite Worktops

Granite kitchen worktops are one of the most widespread and most extensively used kitchen work surfaces of the moment, largely due to its traditional yet fashionable appearance.

In addition, a few of its natural attributes such as resistance from scratches, stains, heat and its durability makes it a better option for most of the people.

Granite Worktops

While it’s so widely held, maybe not all homeowners understand the tricks of keeping them maintained inside their kitchen. If you would like to utilize the worth of your money and take full advantage of this kitchen utility, then you need to recall certain things that are mentioned as follows:

  • Never use your granite countertop for chopping purpose, instead use a plank. Chopping with sharp knives may create markings in your worktop and acidic cooking ingredients may also leave spots.

Kitchen Granite Counter top

  • In case your worktop is damaged badly, stay calm as these kinds of incidences normally occur in a kitchen. Clean that surface and call for a professional help via this link:
  • Though granite worktops can sustain heat, there’s a limit. Intense heat in a certain area can harm the surface of your granite worktops. So it’s best to utilize heat resistant mats.
  • Drinks, whether hot or cold, can leave stains on your worktop. So it is better to use coasters for putting your beverages on the counter.

Kitchen Worksurfaces

  • Don’t put very heavy things on the work surface to prevent too much strain on it that may cause minor damage.
  • Instantly wipe spills, especially if it’s an alcoholic beverage otherwise the granite can absorb it, causing discoloration or other problems.
  • You can apply coatings such as sealants on the surface of your granite worktops in every six months. This will protect it from absorbing liquid, preventing further damage.

Using these tips, you can protect your granite worktop and maintain its beauty forever. To read more on this topic, you may explore the internet.