All About Lock and Security System

People around are using locks from many years. There evolution has been slow and steady. With time new locks have been invented for the sake of security. People around want best way to protect their home and business so there is great demand for more effective security system.
Different locks have been introduced in the market so competition among security technology companies is increasing day to day. Locks and security system are one of the best ways to secure your loved ones and safe your belongings from threat of fire or intruder.


Most of the homeowners think that a lock on their front doors and on their window is enough but nowadays one need to install extra protective system at home. You can checkout the latest security systems at

There are plenty of budget friendly security systems available in the market today that not just protect your loved ones but also give you invaluable peace of mind.

There are various reasons for using locks and security:-

  • Because of that much advancement in security system  you can check whether everything in your house is okay even when you are not there.
  • Lock and security system act as alarm alert in case emergency personal if a fire break out. Locking system generally used to secure a door or other opening from where an intruder can enter.


There are various types of locks which are available in the market and these are divided into five main category:-

  •  Mechanical Lock

These are most commonly used locks.These are used in application cabinets, desk drawer and lockers.

  •  Electronic Lock

Electronic locks are available in all forms as mechanical locks. In electronic lock you have to enter electronic token to the lock.

  •  Mechanical Combination

These lockers are operated by users mechanically by entering correct code to open the lock.

  • Mechatronic

These locks are combination of both mechanical lock and an electronic lock.

Electronic Combination

These locks work in the same way as mechanical counterpart.

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