Israel- The Land Of Mysticism

Israel is one of the world’s oldest countries. This place is associated with three religious beliefs which are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Israel is the home of the Bible. In Israel great, archaeological and historical research has occurred. You can even opt for a travel agency in Israel for making your traveling experience more wonderful.

Visiting Israel can be a great experience as there is an endless variety of things to do and see. In Israel, you will also get the knowledge related to religious and historical aspects of the country.


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Tourists are attracted by:

  •    Snow-capped Mount Hermon
  •    Dominating historic Galilee
  •    Urban coastal plain

In Israel, there is Mediterranean climate throughout the year. This will guarantee you a great holiday. In winters you will find moderate rain and in January there is snowfall in Jerusalem. Spring season starts in April and it last till the month of October.

You may require a passport valid for six months to enter Israel. Strict formalities are practiced by immigration authority in order to control the entry of illegal immigrants.

You can also wear an appropriate dress while visiting the holy sites. Make sure that you wear a hat, sunglasses when you are out on tour. There is no restriction on taking photographs. Jewish tours to Israel are also one of the options for the tourist.

holy city

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There is easy availability of bus and train as far as traveling is concerned. The visitor can take any mean of transportation in order to travel throughout the country.  By hiring a professional guide you can derive maximum benefit from the sightseeing. Camel ride is also a great thing to experience in Israel; you must not miss the chance. You can check out here more about Israel.

The main highlights of Israel include:

  •    Mediterranean coast
  •    Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is considered as the gateway to the rest of the country. It is the most dynamic city in Israel.