How To Make Your Own Shirt: T-Shirt Printing Options?

If you want to know how to make my own clothes, then there are several t-shirt printing options available to you. Many garment printing method that is commonly used, and you may have heard of them without understanding the differences between them.

Does it really matter? Not really, and select your printer will choose the one most suitable for you and garment design. You can get to know more about t shirt printing via

How to Make Your Own Clothes: Step 1

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Your first step will most likely choose the design for the shirts. No matter whether the tank top or tee usual – the same principle. Here are some ways how you can choose the design:

Draw your own: if you are good at drawing or painting then create your own design. Get a pen or paint and create your own design. This can be anything you want. Some people paint portraits of their friends while others are simple draw some graffiti – you draw or paint what you want.

Use Photos: Take a photo if you like, and have printed onto a t-shirt. modern digital photography techniques to transfer your photos to a printing plate and then into your garment. A digital camera or mobile phone that is good for this. Take your picture and send it in.

T-Shirt Printing: Step 2

Once you have decided on the image you want to print – this can only be a name or slogan right person – and then into a digital format.

Now call the printing company that specializes in garment printing. You do not have to choose one in your own city or even country.