How Does a Construction Lawyer Help Parties Involved in the Construction Project?


Hiring a construction lawyer is one of the best ways to make sure a construction project starts and ends in a smooth manner. They are available to offer a wide range of services along with advice.

Below are some examples as to what a construction lawyer does.

  • Cover – when it comes to cover, a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer will help in planning, executing, and make sure the construction project gets finished. The following things are what a construction lawyers cover –arbitration, build permits, Summary of the law, construction claims, construction liens, false claims Act, solve labor issues, act as mediatory, solve insurance issues, negotiate construction contracts and many more.
  • Helping Contractors – Below are a few sets of service a construction lawyer offers to contractors of the project.
  • Protect Payments – A construction lawyer will make sure that the contractor carrying out the construction work gets paid in full amount. He will also make sure that any unpaid amount will be paid by taking civil action. He will also defend the contractor if a claim is made against them for payment.
  • Assist with Construction Proposals – For un-awarded proposals, a construction lawyer will challenge or protest them on behalf of the contractor. They will also check if a proposal is valid or makes sense or not.
  • Submit Construction Claims – If a dispute needs to be resolved, then construction can help by submitting a claim for compensation and time. They can also submit claims based on unforeseen events such as delays in the construction work, interference at the job site, defects in the construction design, or any other legal requirements.

A construction accident lawyer also helps the contractor during the event of an unfortunate accident at the job site.