Facts About Fresh Stone Crab That Will Blow Your Mind

Stone crab season is a time to rejoice and an approach to the holiday season. This festival opens October 15 each year and runs through May 15. The fresh stone crabs are in high demand. During that time we can find some claw meat lurking in one of the dishes in breakfast.

Fresh Stone Crab Claws

When it comes to the best place to eat stone crabs in Miami Fresh Stone Crab should be the one-stop solution.

In this article, we’ll discuss mind-blowing facts that you probably didn’t know about stone crabs.

All the stone crabs from Florida’s warm water. In stone crab season, their claws are harvested and seafood shacks raise exponentially.  Besides from delicious flavour here are interesting things about stone crabs that you probably didn’t know.

  • They regenerate their claws

They could regenerate their claws if they are removed correctly. The claw should return to adequate size for another harvest in three years.

Crab claws fingerprints
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  • Claws originality can be verified by its fingerprints

You can tell if a stone claw is original by looking for a faint fingerprint on a propose. If the fingerprints are unbroken then it’s original otherwise it’s regenerated.

  • Total weight is in their claws

As old as the claws, the percentage of body weight increases.

  • Stone crabs are resourceful

Seashells are very resourceful. They are used to burrow and dig to create a home among the seagrass in shallow waters near docks, rocks, and bridges.

  •  Stone Crab Capital of the World

Florida claims the title of Stone Crab Capital. It is the birthplace of stone crab industry. Therefore, communities along the Florida Gulf Coast bring in 98% of the stone crab claws.

Crab Bruise

  • Bruise don’t harm the meat

These little spots are just bruises that the claw gets from Sea Urchin spines when they are cracking Sea Urchin shell to eat. These spines are fine and meat is never harmed or bruised.

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