Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo – A Japanese Sake

Dassai is a Japanese Sake which exemplifies the highpoint of the elegant and refined Japanese creation.

Keep A Note: This is one of the most famous Sake available in the market and considered to be the alcoholic beverage developed through cutting-edge technology and possess “admiration for the tradition” in Japan.

Dassai is basically a brand that produces only “JUNMAI DAIGINJO” in three main flavors that are numbered as; 23, 39 and 50, imitating their respective polishing ratios.

You can find Junmai Daiginjo at Ippin. Ippin is an online shopping mall which has 1230 sake products and the number is growing every day.

Dassai sake store

You can easily find limited-edition Junmai, Honjozo, Ginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Daiginjo, and Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo from brands like Juuyondai, Kokuryu, Hiroki, Isojiman, and Dassai on Ippin.

Here is their official website link for your consideration: https://ippin.com.sg/

This article is incomplete without mentioning the taste, storage temperature and of course about food pairing.

A) Taste: This exquisite aromatic Junmai Daiginjo exhibits complex, deep, clear but smooth texture with ample amount of intense, fragrant floral.

• It has a fruity aroma at the beginning and refined flavor.
• It is richly flavored with melon, pear, peach and touches of coconut and cinnamon.
• Silky smooth texture.
• Few people even agree that there are some complex flavors like jasmine, honeydew, cedar, strawberry.
• The most interesting part is the airy finish and long sophisticated fruity will keep the aftertaste in the mouth for a longer duration.

B) The best temperature: If you get Dassai 23 for your home, you need to preserve them at room temperature to little chilly.

• According to the recommendations of the brewers of this exotic drink, it should be kept on 75F-45F.
• Not super cold, but chilly is the seamless temperature.

Dassai 23

C) Food pairing: This drink goes perfectly with steamed fish and scallops.

• Fish should be cooked properly but with light flavors, you can use medium cheese.
• Fresh Oyster without a strong or heavy topping.
• Sushi also goes really well with this sake drink, but not heavy taste sushi.
• You can collect more ideas on food pairing of Dassai 23 with other food also. You can even try other cuisines other than Japanese or Asian cuisines.

D) Perfect Glass: To consume any drink there is a proper mannerism, especially in Japan.

• Either you take short sake glass or Pinot Noir glass, which will be good enough to enjoy this sake.
• Pinot Noir glass is highly recommended to enjoy the fruity aroma too.