5 Steps to Leading Today

5 Steps to Leading Today

Government is an idea, not a person.  A government does not lead, people do.  A government cannot smile, cannot laugh, and cannot think, it is a concept and a form for leadership, but is that what we have in modern society?

So much attention and focus goes in to politics, to the political ads, millions of dollars, hours of television and radio, but all to what end?  I like to think of it all as a bit of a moving target. It’s a dog and pony show put on to keep people entertained and distracted.  It works for the masses of people who are waiting for someone else to shoulder responsibility for their lives and make things better. What kind of person do you want to be?  Are you waiting for some super hero politician who is going to ‘save the day’ for you?  Are you hoping that your favorite will win the election and then all your dreams will come true?

No one else is going to deliver to you your pot of gold.  No one is going to put your feet on the rainbow bridge.  No one, but you can do any of these things for you.

Government has become an ever growing monstrosity that needs to be curtailed and returned to its intended role. The role of government was never intended to be social caretaker, moral leader, or the arbitrator between people. Government is a concept and a thought; it was intended to be a means of different cultures and countries to interact as a whole, to provide for and see to the National Defense, and to assure the possibilities of fair trade.

It is an organization that has become too caught up in its own red tape, it has become a show of pomp and circumstance that leads to nothing but ruin of those waiting for it to ‘fix’ their problems.I write from the perspective of my own American government but my thoughts are not limited to it alone.  The purpose of government is universal.  The effect seems to be universal as well. All men are created equal – so starts our own documentation.  What matters is, what are you going to do with that equality?  Are you going to sit around and collect your welfare check?  Are you going to wait for social security?  Are you hoping that the government will fix health care? What makes any of these things the government’s problem?  That happens when we, as individuals and people, decide that the problem is “too big” for us to handle.  This is where I disagree and where we start to go astray.

There is no problem so big individuals cannot fix it, improve it, or make it better.  Any change, better or worse, starts with an individual.  One person steps forward and works for change, then other, like minded individuals join with that one.  This then becomes a movement, this then becomes sweeping change.

Look through history and you will find at the center of any great movement, any change, one person who started it, stepped forward, and collected like minded individuals and then change came. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus, Mohammed, all leaders that changed the culture around them, all individuals who stepped forward and led. In politicswe often hear references back to “great” leaders, such as John F Kennedy or Ronald Reagan.

Also note though that even in these cases we don’t refer back to the ‘government’ of that era, we look at the individuals who understood government was a tool that they used to effect change. Maybe you think you can’t make that much change, maybe you think you don’t effect people around you.  I would counter that those are merely your considerations.  You are the one deciding you can’t affect change, you are the one deciding whether or not YOU will be a leader or if you will be a follower.

How do you effect change?  You lead.  How do you lead?

  • Define the situation you see that you want to change.
  • Decide you can create change in this area.
  • Find an existing program that is addressing that need/situation or create one that addresses it.
  • Volunteer, step forward, effect change through action.
  • Work hard, pure of heart, not for accolades, but for the effect you will create.

These five steps will set you on a path to leadership.  You don’t have to be the most charismatic, you don’t have to be the most brilliant, you don’t need a degree.  You do need your innate desire to help, to make the world better, and a willingness to accept responsibility for doing something yourself.

It doesn’t start with a world sweeping change, it starts with doing one thing.  Then another, one step at a time, we didn’t reach the moon in a single attempt, it was a series of steps taken that led to successful action.  So it is with becoming an effective leader, do and make mistakes, learn, then do more, with the new knowledge gained.

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not doing something about it.

Steps to Finding Happiness While Reaching For Goals

I live life always wanting to do more, make more, create more – never satisfied completely. Balancing that with not allowing myself to be unhappy is an interesting line to walk along.

Do you take time to reflect on your life as it is right at this moment? Take a moment, right now as you read this, to stop and reflect. This doesn’t have to be a very big event, it is not something you have to put on your to do list or daily schedule, just take a moment and look at your life as it is right now.

When you start planning, setting goals, working to create a future this should be your very first step. Stop and look at where you are. You should follow this up with a semi-regular ‘reality’ check. Are you making progress to your goals? Are you progressing towards what you want?

While you are doing the ‘reality’ check, also take time to appreciate what you have and where you are! Do you do this part of the step?

I know at times I forget this very important step. Luckily for me, I have the love of my life who points this out to me which is the push I need to remember to appreciate what I do have as I work for the future. If you cannot do this for yourself, get someone who can help you with it. It could be your partner, your life-mate, your spouse anyone you can put that level of trust in and that you can and will listen to.

If you spend all your time focused on the future, on achieving the next step, you will burn out as the future never arrives. If you, like me, are constantly setting out the next milestone to be achieved, but not taking a moment to savor having achieved the one you are at, it will not give you the longevity or the ability to achieve your goals.

As I write this morning, I am doing the following steps; I recommend them for you as well.

  • Look around you – look and see exactly where you are and what you have right at this moment, all within your sight.

I see my youngest daughter watching one of her favorite musical shows on television that I own and pay for so she and my other children can be entertained. She is singing along and dancing in the cutest way any proud father would brag about. (She is 14 months as of this writing.) She stops to smile at me and blow kisses. I am sitting in our nice, warm house, in a very nice neighborhood, all our bills are paid, and my kids are all in school and doing well. We are all healthy, I am writing on my laptop. In short, life is very good; we have all we need and more.

  • Give a moment of thought to how your actions today will bring your projected future closer.

I have a meeting with a new client today. Our retail has a lot of necessary actions today, all of which will continue improving its success. I will be working on a new marketing campaign. I will be making a donation today to my Church. I will have the opportunity today to network and meet even more new people who I may be able to help improve their lives. All of this adding to the ultimate success I have planned out. I will be proofing the books for my business coaching workshops and by the end of the day I will have put more money in to my bank accounts.

  • Realize the support you have around you, conditional and unconditional.

I mean by this, realize those around you who support you, love you, work for you, or are like minded people to you. Those who are or will help you achieve your goals. My family loves me unconditionally. I have a wonderful woman who loves me despite my faults. I have employees who work for me but also to improve them through the work we are doing. I have business partners together whom we are like minded in our goals.

  • Decide you can be happy right now, while still wanting more and better.

Simple isn’t it? That is the power of a decision though. In your own mind, the world you create within you and project out around you it is that easy. This is what we refer to as your attitude, or your inner self. Decide you can be happy. Decide your life is good and only getting better. As I do this, for myself, I find a warm feeling fills me and I am ready to go face the day. There will be challenges, there will be random unexpected happenings, but I am ready for them and I will overcome any challenges.

Do these steps for yourself and let me know your results!