Best Cruising Destination For Non-Cruisers

Let us face it, cruising is not for everyone. It is, however, different than many non-cruisers think it to be. What makes cruising well is the fact that it delivers another holiday for unique men and women. It's simple to perform all the normal cruise items.

What I really like about cruising is that you can do a lot of unique things in 1 night and not need to risk driving around. Find out more information about roatan cruise excursions by visit at

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Where else can you meet friends for drinks, have a fantastic dinner, watch a show, dance a bit and bet somewhat, all in precisely the exact same night? for free! My spouse and I are unmarried men and women who like hiking, white-water mountain biking. you get the image.

Certainly we are not average cruise passengers by virtually any measure. Since I'm at the cruise company and have sailed on over 150 excursions, I've learned how to integrate my passions into the cruise situation. Below is a partial list of areas We've been and what We've done:

  • Ketchikan, Alaska – zip line through the trees
  • Bar Harbor, Maine – rock climbing on the shore of Acadia National Forest
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – owned a bicycle and explored the island, covering 60 kilometers
  • Skagway, Alaska – leased a mountain bike, got off from town, and had a very cool experience with a brown bear
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – jungle zip line through the canopy
  • Juneau, Alaska – traveled trekking and white water rafting
  • Sitka, Alaska – travelled 4-wheeling to a remote volcanic island
  • Mazatlan, Mexico – sea kayaking and trekking on a distant island

Some of them were organized via the boat, but the majority I did my own. The purpose is, it's there if you search for it.