All About Steel Fabrication

When steel is to be used in the process of construction, then the material has to be made custom shaped so that it fits pre-existing templates.This process is popularly known as steel fabrication.

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All About Steel Fabrication

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Generally, before the beginning of a construction project, a fabrication company makes a  bid on the task of shaping the various steel components. When the bid is won by the company, then it goes to work in order to make the steel parts.

Steel can be shaped through a variety of ways like burning, cutting, drilling, bending, punching, grinding as well as welding. There are two most common types of welding i.e. arc welding and gas welding.

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Generally, the shaping of the steel is undertaken in the fabrication shop only. After it is done, the pieces are then transported to the particular construction site and put in the correct place.

Basics Of Steel Fabrication

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Steel fabrication is mainly used for the projects which include construction of buildings. But it is also used for a wide variety of different purposes like making bumpers, landing gears, gates, tanks, racks, stairs, posts, nails, ladders, and many more.

The use of steel fabrication is made in a variety of industries say, construction, automotive, transportation, marine, military, and other private projects.

The method can be used for two types of jobs i.e. the small jobs like making nails as well as the large jobs like making ships.

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