All About Japanese Kimono

Discovered in the fifth century, Kimono is considered as the national dress of Japan. When translated the word ‘kimono’ means”something worn”. If you are also eager to try this Japanese dress once, so may refer to Best Womens Clothing Stores UK at .

One may define Kimono as a straight lined robe which is T- shaped, with a collar and full length sleeves that are wide and fall to the ankle length.


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Kimonos are made out of a single bolt of fabric which is known as a tan. These beautiful kimono dresses consist of the following:

  • Four main cloth strips
  • Two panels which form the sleeves
  • Two panels which cover the body
  • Smaller pieces that create the narrow front panel as well as collar.

Traditionally, Kimonos are sewn by hands. Further, their fabrics also are hand made and hand decorated with the help of silk, silk crepes, silk brocade etc.One can find kimonos in both casual as well as formal patterns.

Usually, the Kimonos which are worn by younger women have longer sleeves and are more elaborated as compared to those which are worn by the older women.

Japanese Kimonos

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When it comes to men, kimonos generally come in one basic shape along with gloomy colors.

Unmarried women generally wear a different style of kimono which is known as furisode. It has floor length sleeves and is usually worn on some special occasions only.

Now let us talk about the size of the kimonos. Kimonos made for women are usually quite similar in size, and are normally adjusted to various body types by the trick of fold and tuck. But, a kimono which ends at the wrist on lowering down the arms is called as an ideal fit.

The process of wearing a  kimono is a bit difficult and time taking, and may require someone’s help. Kimonos are to be wrapped around the body in a specific manner i.e. from left to right. Then they are to be secured by a wide belt  at the back. This wide belt is commonly known as an ‘obi’.